5 Natural Ways To Fight The Cold & Flu

Most of us tend to get into panic mode as soon as we feel a cold or flu coming on, remaining defenseless to one of nature’s most common perils. Fortunately, there are a few natural ways to fight the cold and flu to delay the onset of sickness or possibly even dodge the mucus bullet altogether.

The next time you feel a cold coming on, try one (or all) of these 5 natural ways to fight the cold and flu:

1. Coconut Water

Your body needs to be properly hydrated when fighting off colds, flus and viruses. Coconut water happens to have all five of the electrolytes your body requires to reach optimal hydration. The lauric acid found within coconut water can also help the body flush out toxins. In addition to its efficiency at hydrating the body, it is also extremely effective for reducing vomiting. Yes, that means it works great for hangovers too.

2. Vitamin D

Ideally you would be getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin D on a daily basis, whether through natural sunlight or with a supplement. The immune boosting properties of this crucial vitamin can help deter the rise of unwanted sickness.

3. Ginger

A little bit of raw ginger root can go a long way when easing symptoms such as a sore throat or nausea. Whether you decide to chew on it raw or use it to make tea, the spiciness of ginger has a soothing burn that will provide quick and satisfying relief.

4. Garlic

Well known to support a strong immune system, consuming raw garlic offers many attractive health benefits. Research suggests that people who consume a garlic supplement each day are much less likely to attract the common cold compared to those who do not.

5. Larch Tree Extract

Studies have shown that the immune-boosting properties of the larch tree can be an effective natural way to combat the cold and flu. There is also evidence that it can be a strong ally in the fight against certain cancers and support growth of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. It almost seems like a miracle herb that’s potentially one of the best-kept secrets in the health community. If you can find it or any products containing it, I would highly recommend getting it.

If you are like most people, you are probably willing to try anything to get rid of a nasty cold so give these a shot and let us know in the comments how it worked for you. Do you have know anymore natural ways to fight the cold and flu? Leave a message in the comments below!


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