Natural Skin Care Tips: 5 Natural Wonders For Your Skin

Even if you have yet to notice any wrinkles (or the mark of wisdom, as I like to call it), eating foods and doing activities that promote great skin can help you look much younger than those who make poor decisions – like not reading articles about natural skin care tips!

Your skin is your body’s largest organ so it’s key to provide it with the essential nourishment found in nature and in the body’s natural processes to keep the fountain of youth from drying up too soon.

Here are 5 natural skin care tips that work wonders:

1. Sweating natural skin care tips

Breaking a sweat isn’t just great for cooling you down, the perspiration helps replenish your skin by opening up and unclogging your pores. Make sure you rinse or shower after sweating though as leaving it can irritate your skin and repel otherwise friendly, talkative people.

Exercising itself helps support skin vitality by increasing circulation and flow of nutrients in addition to easing stress, one of your skin’s biggest enemies.

2. Water natural skin care tips

You know that your body needs water to sweat but that’s not the only reason it’s good for your skin. Your skin is negatively affected when your body is dehydrated and dry. Keeping up with your required daily water intake helps replenish skin cells, tissues and increase elasticity.

3. Blueberries natural skin care tips

These little blue buddies are chock full of the antioxidants that attack free radicals that target your skin cells. It’s best to eat wild blueberries rather than cultivated berries.

Even though cultivated berries are twice as large, a cup of wild blueberries has nearly twice the amount of antioxidants. Blueberries also help fight back at aging by delivering an abundance of nutrients in a small space, allowing you to reduce fat and cholesterol intake.

4. Nuts & Seeds natural skin care tips

Walnuts, brazil nuts and even pumpkin seeds are great choices to fight against acne and keeping your skin looking youthful. Those who like to bask in the sun will benefit from the high amounts of Vitamin E in almonds, known to give defense against harmful UV rays.

Nuts are a great snack to have between meals to boost your energy and are especially delicious (and also great for your skin) when combined with yogurt or oatmeal.

5. A Full Night’s Sleep natural skin care tips

Lack of sleep reduces the skin’s ability to remain hydrated, which can lead to an increased amount of wrinkles. Getting into a regular routine with 7-8 hours sleep is crucial as it puts your body in a healthy rhythm that otherwise leaves you three times as likely to develop a cold.

Quality, regular sleep helps optimize the natural secretion of human growth hormone, which promotes cell turnover and collagen production. The famous Dr. Oz says his number one skin tip is beauty sleep, proving it is not just an old wives’ tale after all.

What’s Your Secret?

Do you have a top-secret health tip for retaining beautiful and youthful skin? The items listed here aren’t the only ways to get that youthful glow – we want to hear from you! Leave your best natural skin care tips in the comments below.


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