What’s In Your Morning Smoothie?

With more companies figuring out how to cash in on the smoothie craze, it seems that many have lost sight of the smoothie’s greatest benefit: getting a lot of nutrition in one fell swoop. The sugary “substitutes” we can find at the food court aren’t going to provide any immune support this flu season.

Obviously you don’t need to make a smoothie to get all the necessary nutrients one meal can provide, but it is celebrated for being one of the more tasty and quick options to get the job done. As long as you don’t over do it on the sugar, you can concoct a delicious start to the day that will help with boosting the immune system when everyone else is getting sick!

Limit Fruits

Even if it’s natural, too much sugar is never ideal. 1-2 fruits is plenty and will add all the positive taste benefits you crave. Bananas are one of my personal favorites because they tend to mask the more dull flavors of the greens I like to add.

Add Flax Seed

A little flax seed can provide you with your daily dose of Omega-3s and goes into your smoothie virtually unnoticed when pre-grinded with a coffee grinder. This is one of those no-brainer additions that everyone should be making because it’s so easy and totally incognito.

Greek Yogurt

Your morning smoothie should not bear resemblance to the milkshakes you get at the drive-thru window so that means the only type of dairy-like substance that should touch it is Greek yogurt. This magic ingredient will provide you with immune support and that delicious texture that is synonymous with smoothies.

Always Add Greens

Believe me when I say that you will not notice a handful of spinach thrown into your morning smoothie with the exception of the yummy green color it will add. I find that even two handfuls of spinach mixed with a banana (and whichever protein powder you prefer) is delicious with no traces of greens on my taste buds.

Some Other Opinions

I asked a few health gurus on Twitter what they add to their morning smoothie to get a balanced, healthy start to the day and here were some of the replies I got.

Here is a great video I found on YouTube showing a green smoothie recipe that is fairly close to mine. It looks like she is making enough for two people here though so keep that in mind when thinking about portion sizes.

What’s In Your Smoothie?

We want to know what your secret is to a great morning smoothie. Whether it’s a recipe for immune support or high protein to bulk up, let us know in the comments below what your special solution has in it.

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