Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving – the glorious, glutenous holiday when we over-indulge, sleep it off, and then repeat. Post-holiday eating, many of us feel sluggish and resolve to turn over a healthy new leaf in the New Year. Instead of postponing your health goals until January 1st, check out the recipes in our FREE ebook, Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes to Warm Your Soul without Weighing You Down.
And while we’re at it, let’s clear up a common turkey myth. According to the November, 2014 issue of Food Network Magazine, chicken contains the same amount of tryptophan (the amino acid that plays a role in drowsiness) as turkey, and pork contains even more. Instead of blaming the bird, we need to check our portions. The reason we slow down is because after a big meal, blood flow to the brain decreases.

Lightening up the calorie overload will help your body digest faster so you can get your game face on and battle for the best Black Friday deals. Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes to Warm Your Soul without Weighing You Down is your guide to preparing delicious, filling Thanksgiving favorites that will not bust open your belt. Treat your family and friends to a warm home and healthy heart. Download this Free eBook Now!

Not cooking this year?

You can still lighten up with these quick tips:

  • Avoid gravy! While delicious, traditional gravy is made with the fat and oils from the bird. The store bought kind is packed with sodium.
  • Don’t skip the dark meat! While turkey breast meat is slightly lower in fat and calories, the dark meat contains taurine, a nutrient that improves heart health.
  • Carbs on the side! Pack your plate with veggies, then add about 6oz of meat. Stick to one carb – mashed potatoes OR stuffing OR a dinner roll.
  • Eat the insides! Pie crusts are laden with sugar, butter and/or lard. Stick to the pie filling, but keep it to a serving of 1/4 cup or less.
  • Wash it down! Before your meal, drink one 8oz glass of water. While you are eating, take a sip of water in between each bite. This will help you fill up faster.

What are you doing to keep your holiday meal a healthy one? Let me know in the comments below!

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