5 Foods That Help Boost Your Memory

Have you forgotten where you put your car keys, only to find them a few hours later in the freezer—next to your television remote control? If so, it sounds like you could use some help with your memory. The best food to help memory is listed below, and they’re all just as delicious as they are—what’s the word again?—nutritious!

1. Asparagus

Asparagus is a strangely-shaped vegetable that reminds many people of a cross between a stalk of celery and a mushroom. However, when prepared correctly and seasoned to perfection, these little guys can be some of the best tasting food to help memory out there. Asparagus is rich in a compound called folate, and studies have shown that individuals who consumed large amounts of folate had overall better memories than those who didn’t. Steamed or grilled asparagus with a spritz of lemon is a delicious alternative to salt-and-butter soaked spears.

2. Celery

One of the most interesting facts about celery is that you actually burn more calories chewing it than you take in when you eat it, which is one of the many benefits of healthy eating that is provided by celery.  Although this may make it seem worthless as a food, it actually contains a fair amount of a mineral known as potassium which helps to maintain electrical pathways in the brain. As such, people who consume larger amounts of potassium have healthier brains and can ‘retrieve’ things more quickly and easily.

3. Black Beans

The good news is that you don’t have to be from the Deep South to enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of black beans. Aside from being an amazing source of fiber which is known as an immune booster thanks to its ability to promote bowel regularity, black beans contain a large amount of thiamin. This is a B-Vitamin that is critical for the creation of a compound known as acetylcholine—a neurotransmitter that carries signals throughout the brain. If this sounds confusing, just remember that black beans are more than just a musical food; they are a great food to help memory, as well.

4. Spinach

It may seem cliché to tout spinach as one of the most amazing foods for better health, but even Popeye was right; spinach really can make your body—and your brain—stronger. A recent study performed by the Chicago Health and Aging project concluded that individuals who consumed three to four servings of this food to help memory slowed their age-related cognitive decline by as much as 40%. This means their brains were five years younger!

5. Cinnamon

With the other foods listed here, you may be surprised to find that cinnamon makes the top five list of food to help memory. Consider this: scientific studies have shown that even the mere scent of cinnamon enhances cognitive function. It also improved test subjects’ scores when they were measured on things like visual-motor acuity and speed, attention span and memory.

By eating the above food to help memory and incorporating these into your regular diet, there is a very good chance that you’ll spend less time searching for your car keys and more time doing what you really love. As an added bonus, all of the foods listed here are nutritious and tasty, and they can be found in organic stores across the country.

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