5 Energy Draining Foods To Avoid

In a world full of energy drinks and an endless stream of fads aimed at boosting our daily energy levels, it’s obvious that we could all use a little more fuel in the tank. Sadly, there are too many energy draining foods that somehow manage to slip into the eating routines of Americans every day without ever realizing what is causing the crash.

If you want to be able to last all day without an afternoon catnap, you will need to avoid these top 5 energy draining foods as much as possible:

  1. Sugar  energy draining foods Any energy you get from sugar will bring you up like a rollercoaster and crash at the bottom of the tracks. The recommended daily intake of sugar is about 16 grams but many sodas alone contain nearly 40. You might get a temporary boost from the sugar and the caffeine but believe me when I say you will crash hard after you finish bouncing off the walls.
  2. Fried Foods energy draining foods Anything from the deep fryer is full of fat and takes a while to digest. Any food that requires lots of digestion requires more blood and leaves you feeling sluggish. If you prefer the crispy texture that is common with fried foods, try using breadcrumbs to grill or bake with for an option that doesn’t involve completely soaking food in oil.
  3. Red Meat energy draining foods It takes your body up to 16 hours to fully digest red meat. With most people eating steak for dinner, digestion takes place all night and prevents you from getting a good sleep because your energy is being used rather than your body being recharged.
  4. Not Eating energy draining foods This is one of the most energy draining foods you will find that you don’t have to eat. Skipping meals deprives your body of gaining any calories and will quickly lower your blood sugar leaving you fatigued and lacking that zest for life you normally have. And if you are skipping meals to lose weight, your body actually ends up storing more fat by going into “emergency mode” and storing fat the next time you eat.
  5. Foods Lacking Iron energy draining foods If your meals for breakfast and lunch are low in iron, you are going to crash. Things like chicken breasts and dairy are common offenders but a little bit of greens (spinach, beans) can help liven up the situation. For a longer list of foods that are low in iron, read this article from LIVESTRONG.

The average American can’t handle the fast paced lifestyle of modern-day life without proper nutrition that provides the fuel needed for the 9-5 and beyond. Avoiding these energy draining foods is a great start but keep in mind that these aren’t the only culprits responsible.

For more energy draining foods and ways to solve them, check out this great article from Marc & Angel Hack Life called “50 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy”.

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