Coconut Water Benefits: Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

There is something to be said for a phenomenon that is backed by investors such as Coke, Pepsi and even Madonna. While coconut water is creeping into the marketplace with notable wins such as distribution at Starbucks – it is also gaining notoriety from health advocates, medical professionals, athletes and party animals alike. They are claiming coconut water benefits are plentiful and it is a miracle drink that cures ailments from cancer to hangovers.

While we can’t promise you the former or the latter, let’s look at some of the  coconut water benefits you want to pay attention to:

1. Packed With Electrolytes & Prevents Dehydration coconut water benefits

One of many coconut water benefits is how it helps to replenish fluids within the body and allow for nutrition to be absorbed and rehydration to occur. Liquids classified as diuretics dehydrate the body and cause temporary symptoms of illness including those involved in a hangover (think headaches, dry mouth, muscle soreness, etc). Flus, digestive disorders, and other causes of diarrhea, cholera, vomiting, etc. also drain the body and require hydration remedies.

Coconut Water can be used to treat these and has additional properties not found in mass-culture remedies such as Gatorade – including more electrolytes, plasma, and potassium similar to that of human blood, dubbing it the ‘drink of life’ by many. Coconut water benefits out-pace its ‘electrolyte-packed’ counterparts, with 5 nutritional properties found in blood vs. just 2 in Gatorade and Powerade. It is the best way to hydrate with a non-medical fluid, and is used in many emergency cases when quick hydration is necessary.

2. Natural Low-Calorie Energy Booster With High Nutrient Content coconut water benefits

Another great to addition to the list of coconut water benefits is its ability to add the pick-me-up you need without adding all of the things you don’t! It’s packed full of vitamins and important minerals including calcium, potassium and chloride which help to rejuvenate the body post workout or when you’re feeling low.

Hydrating the body helps to maximize your awareness and perform at your mental and physical peak in a natural state (no, coffee doesn’t really do the job!) Replacing energy drinks and caffeine with coconut water instead will help to create a better balanced health routine and ensure you are consuming hydrating liquids that provide you with the nutrients you need instead of dehydrating diuretics.

3. Boosts The Digestive System & Promotes Weight Loss coconut water benefits

All of those goodies we mentioned before contribute to the crucial vitamins and minerals needed to nourish your body – and to lose weight. Fat fighters include: vitamin C, magnesium and fiber which all work to turn what we eat into muscle tissue. This in turn, helps increase your metabolic rate, gives you more energy to not only function – but exercise, and burn your fat more quickly over the long run.

The antioxidants found in vitamin C help to reduce the fat you store in your body and contribute to energy and immunity on a daily basis (think – an apple a day). The protein and fiber found in coconut water will be the winners in your weight loss war. They will help to digest your food slowly (burning more calories), keep you full for longer and eliminate cravings.

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