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7 Easy Healthy Lifestyle Tips Even Your Husband Can Handle

The most difficult part about making the change to a healthy lifestyle is the transitional phase. You’re never quite sure how much you should commit to changing at one time and get bombarded with all sorts of simple decisions that become incredibly difficult. People who fail at changing their lifestyle or eating more healthy do […]

3 News Years Resolutions You Shouldn’t Even Bother With

That feeling of a fresh start with the turn of the New Year is exhilarating but the stench of defeat lingers around the corner when it comes to most peoples’ resolutions. If you want to avoid crushing your clean slate too early into the year, don’t commit to any of the following unrealistic resolutions! Cutting […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Losing Weight Naturally

As we get in to the depths of the New Year, let’s stop to re-evaluate the resolution of millions of people worldwide: lose weight. And while some realize that weight loss is simply part of living a healthy lifestyle, the majority forgets that this is the only way to truly lose weight and keep it […]

9 Ways to Stay Healthy at Holiday Parties

Between now and the end of the year you will likely receive a dozen holiday party invitations. Between the cookies and the cheer, it may seem impossible to stay healthy. Here are nine easy guidelines to prevent you from becoming a holiday heavyweight: Eat well early Start with a healthy breakfast and maintain your good […]