7 Easy Healthy Lifestyle Tips Even Your Husband Can Handle

The most difficult part about making the change to a healthy lifestyle is the transitional phase. You’re never quite sure how much you should commit to changing at one time and get bombarded with all sorts of simple decisions that become incredibly difficult.

People who fail at changing their lifestyle or eating more healthy do so because they took on more than they could handle. It’s important not to overload yourself or you simply won’t change. The key is through small, simple steps that you can handle. Almost without even noticing!

The Top 7 Easy Healthy Lifestyle Tips:

1. Coconut Oil Instead of Butter & Margarine

You will love the taste of coconut oil in your baking recipes and find a delicious quality enhancing the flavor. It has a consistency similar to butter and comes in stick form so it won’t seem too foreign to you.

2. Stevia Instead of Sugar

It seems like there are millions of different options for sugar alternatives but I would advise against any substance with a name you can’t pronounce. Corn syrup is probably the most common sweetener you will find and should be avoided at all costs.

Stevia is a natural herb that is significantly sweeter than sugar with zero calories. Sometimes it can have a strange aftertaste, depending on the way it was processed. Dr. Joseph Mercola recommends trying a few different brands until you find one that tastes good.

3. Lose The Salt

You absolutely must ditch the refined table salt that you’ve likely been consuming in copious amounts over the years, just like millions of other Americans. Although unrefined sea salt has been a great alternative over the years, the increased amount of toxic waste and chemical spills have resulted in nearly 89% of sea salt producers admitting today’s salt is not as healthy as it once was.

Himalayan crystal salt has many health benefits and is not subject to the same containments found in sea salt and traditional refined salt. For more info on Himalayan crystal salt, visit this page. This is easily one of the most instantly beneficial healthy lifestyle tips you can gain from so cut that salt!

4. Green Smoothies

You don’t need to have a smoothie full of vegetables but it is a great idea to toss in a handful of spinach into your morning shake for a nice boost of essential nutrients. Loading up on delicious fruits can give you too much of a dose of sugar – although natural – even too much natural sugar should be avoided.

5. Flax Seeds

Adding flax seeds to your morning cereal, shake or anything you possibly can is a fantastic way to get your daily intake of Omega-3s and cancer fighting antioxidants. If you aren’t a fan of the texture, I highly recommend using a coffee grinder to put them into a powder. You won’t even notice it in your shaking or baking!

6. Stop Eating Late

I know – this is a tough habit to break once you’re into it. Late night snacking can be satisfying but you should think of it as drinking too much alcohol on a weekday night because you will get a hangover. Your body doesn’t get a proper rest because it is expending energy trying to digest the food you consumed. Eating late creates a whole domino effect of other problems, so stop doing it!

7. Start Diluting Your Soda

You’re probably surprised I didn’t just say stop drinking soda all together. As great of an idea that is, it’s not that simple for most people. Sugar drinks can become a fierce addiction that is painfully difficult to quit. A great way to start weaning yourself off the deliciously toxic beverages is to start diluting them with water or sparkling water. This is not something you should get used to because you are still consuming the sugary drinks but it’s definitely a step in the right direction by getting your taste buds used to less sugar.

What Works For You?

We want to know what helps you get away from the addictive foods that aren’t good for you. Leave a note in the comments below and tell us your best tips.

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